Safety starts with you.

The safety of our members and their employees is top priority with the HomeBuilders SIF. We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to develop a loss control program while trying to accomplish everyday tasks for your company. That's why we provide sample safety programs, "Toolbox Talks", and other great resources to help our members save time and money with developing their loss control program. For assistance, contact the HomeBuilders SIF Loss Control Department at

Claims Reporting

Injury Action Checklist

This is your step-by-step guide for handling accidents and injuries that occur on your jobsite. Research has proven that the sooner the injured employee receives medical attention and the earlier a claim is reported, the quicker the claim can be resolved — thereby reducing the overall cost of the claim. To begin the claims process, call 1-877-LHBASIF (542-2743) right away, even if you do not have all of the facts.

Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Program

Sample Program & Acknowledgement Form

This sample Drug & Alcohol Policy promotes a safe and healthy working environment. An Acknowledgement Form is included for company signature, acknowledging that they have read and understood the Policy.

Muestra de Política de Drogas y Alcohol

Esta muestra de Política de Drogas y Alcohol promueve un ambiente de trabajo seguro y saludable. Se incluye un formulario de acuse de recibo para la firma de la empresa, reconociendo que han leído y comprendido la Política.

Drug Program Notice Card

This form should be completed and returned ONLY after you have fully implemented your drug and alcohol program.

Drug-Free Workplace Poster

Available in both English and Spanish for indoor or outdoor use. Poster will be mailed.

Second Injury Board Knowledge Questionnaire

English Version

This questionnaire should be completed by your employees to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities which may entitle you to reimbursement from the Louisiana Workers' Compensation Second Injury Board if the employee suffers an on-the-job injury.

Version en Español

Sus empleados deben completar este cuestionario para divulgar cualquier afección médica o discapacidad preexistente que pueda darle derecho a recibir un reembolso de parte de la Junta de Segunda Lesión de Compensación para Trabajadores de Louisiana si el empleado sufre una lesión en el trabajo.

Safety Plan

10-Point Safety Plan

This is an example of a written safety plan created by HomeBuilders SIF. Members of the HomeBuilders SIF should adopt a formal and operational safety management plan designed to fit the needs of their operations.

Updated 9/2018
Section Descriptions
This document shall be signed by the top executive of the company acknowledging management’s responsibility and commitment to a safety plan and their intention to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal safety requirements and appropriate industry standards.
Responsibility for safety shall be defined in writing for executive and middle level operating management, supervisors, safety coordinator, and employees.
Inspections shall be made of all areas of the workplace. A written inspection checklist should be developed and used for each inspection and retained for a period of one year.
An accident investigation of any job-related injury that requires a visit to a clinic or physician shall be initiated by the injured employee’s supervisor as soon as possible on the shift the accident occurs. Corrective actions to be taken and/or recommended to prevent a recurrence of a similar accident shall be implemented.
Safety meetings shall be held with all employees on a regular basis. A record should be kept showing the topics discussed, date of meeting, and the names of the persons attending.
Management shall develop specific safety rules that apply to the operation being performed. The rules should be short, concise, simple, enforceable, and stated in a positive manner. The safety rules are to be followed and adhered to by all management personnel and all employees.
Management shall implement a training program that will provide orientation and training for each new employee, existing employees, or when new equipment, processes, or job procedures are initiated.
In addition to OSHA logs which are retained for five years (a federal requirement), each firm shall maintain other safety records for a period of one year from the end of the year which the records are maintained (a state requirement).
Management shall adopt and implement a first aid program which will provide for a trained first aid person and first aid kit at each job site on each shift.
Management shall develop a written emergency preparedness plan to ensure to the extent possible the safety of all employees, visitors, contractors, and vendors in the facility at the time of emergency situations.

Investigation Report Form

This is also included in the complete Safety Plan above.

Full vs. Part-time Employment

Sample Employment Status PT vs. FT Statement

If your employees customarily work less than 40 hours per week, and are classified as part time, it is important to document the employee’s file. This sample form is a good starting point.

Muestra de Estado de Empleo de Tiempo Completo vs. Tiempo Parcial

Si sus empleados trabajan habitualmente menos de 40 horas por semana y se clasifican como a tiempo parcial, es importante documentar el archivo del empleado. Esta forma de muestra es un buen punto de partida.

Toolbox Talks

Correct Lifting

Falls - Floor, Roof, and Ground Openings

Hand & Power Tools

Ladder Safety

Lock Out - Tag Out

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Pneumatic Air Nail Guns

Respiratory Protection

Summer Heat


Tubular Scaffolding

Woodworking Machines

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